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so I kinda quit nanowrimo but I made this dollmaker of two of my main characters instead

so I kinda quit nanowrimo but I made this dollmaker of two of my main characters instead


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I just realized that my main character is my sister


now I feel bad about what I’m gonna do to her 

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I seem to be doing well here

got myself organized in terms of word count- I’m still not caught up but I’m not doing too badly. Nano website says that in order to get done on time, I need to write 1800 words per day. That’s…definitely doable, especially if I keep writing tonight (which I intend to do) and write and extra, say, 300 words on days I don’t have class. 

In terms of actual story, I finished one of the short stories, which was the story of the murder/suicide in 1971 which has caused the cycle of deaths and ghosts that plagues my little town. It’s full of historical inaccuracies but I will not fix them now. Also it’s a somewhat embarrassing rip-off of Angela Carter but I will try to fix that on the re-write even though I am rather pleased with how some of it turned out.

I’m keeping myself busy writing the historical short stories right now because I still don’t have a solid handle on the main plot. WHEEEEEEEE NOW I SHALL SOLDIER ON

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ok so I’m still behind on the nano

but not too wildly stressed yet? I’m writing steadily even if not as fast as I should be. 

But yeah, right now I’m at 8,760 words, should be around 13,400. I’m trying to write a lot today. I want to get to at least 10,000 before I go to work, and maybe get another 1,700 or so written at the coffee shop afterwards. 

I’m gonna hit 9,000 before I get lunch (yes I’m eating lunch at 3 pm, shhh). And then I’ll soldier on!

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writing goals

write 1000 words

cut my hair again

talk to people on skype whilst working on character profiles

re-cutting my hair is the reward, btw

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I’m developing a naming theme

it was sort of accidental but I think I’m gonna change Sloane’s name since I don’t actually like the name “Sloane” very much. Maybe Zach’s as well I’m not sure.

Anyway here’s what’s going on

Lucy’s full name is Lucia. This was on purpose- I named her after a martyr who was killed by having her eyes gouged out, she’s the patron saint of the blind. You might know her from the Norwegian holiday Santa Lucia day, or maybe from the fact that she has the creepiest fucking paintings ever. 

So that happened, and then I got bored and looked Zach’s name up on a few name meaning sites. His full name is Isaac. Isaac apparently means sight but I’m  not really sure because on some sites it says it’s from a hebrew root word “to laugh” (this also works well with Zach, tbh). 

Sloane was always sort of an alias, and her real name was going to be Maggie, but now I’m thinking I’ll change her real name to Cecilia because that one is derived from a latin root meaning “blindness” and I like it. Cecilia Randall. And I might change her pseudonym as well, because like I said I’m not really a fan of it? So I’m trying to find a badass sight-related pseudonym.

in other news I’m not writing at the moment but I am working on characters, because I’m a bit plot-stuck and I realized that it’s because I don’t have a very good idea of Sloane’s actual character and I need to write about her.

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This short story thing is working in an interesting way

I like it but it’s confusing and I’m not sure if I should order the stories according to my vague ideas, and then write them, or just write them and set them in order later. In the interest of time I might want to do the latter.

One of my classes this year is actually about short story collections, and how interconnected story cycles (like Cane by Jean Toomer, or Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson) use events in certain stories to illuminate previous stories. For example there’s a story in Winesburg, Ohio which is about a preacher who spies on a teacher as she lies in bed, and one night he sees her in religious ecstasy, and has a religious epiphany of his own. The story immediately after this one is about the teacher herself, and how her moment of religion was actually fervently praying for forgiveness for a mistake, rather than genuine faith. 

That’s the sort of effect I want to create- a book where each story will make you reconsider the previous one. I feel like I might be getting a little up my own ass with the literary theory here, but I’m allowed because it’s a fairly straightforward ghost story at the core, and I’m allowed to add all these bells and whistles without it getting pretentious. Or so I hope. 

The upshot of this is that I’m still plotting individual stories, but I’ve got the ghost backstory/legend worked out which is nice. Now I need to deal with straightforward character stories, and the ones where the two intersect.

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lol gave up on the 10,000

I hit my word count goal though so now I’m working on fleshing out the plot of each individual story. I probably should’ve done this yesterday but fuck it, since when have I done anything right on this story?

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Zach calls everybody “man”, it’s like a nervous tic or something

I’ve got 2 hours, I’m trying to get to 10,000 tonight. 

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writing nonsense on the nano again

on the other hand I hit 6000 so…ah well at least I’m not blocked again